THE 4400

Broadcaster: USA Network

Duration: 44 x 60

Transmitted: 2004

This critically acclaimed series chronicles the reappearance of 4400 people, previously reported missing or dead, who all at once returned in a ball of light to Earth. Though the returnees had not aged physically, many of them reappeared with dramatic abilities ranging from enhanced reflexes to precognition. NTAC (National Threat Assessment Command) is the government agency in charge of keeping track of the returnees and investigating all things related to the 4400. The show follows their readjustment back into society and focus on two agents who are trying to figure out what happened and why. Some of those returned have been affected in mysterious ways with certain abilities, both good and bad. It quickly becomes apparent that their presence will change the human race in ways no one could have ever foreseen.

Local Versions: Russia