Broadcaster: MTV

Duration: 10 x 60

Transmitted: 2005

Twelve young people kick their millenial lifestyle to the curb to live in a groovy, 1970s-era house in hopes of winning cash and fabulous prizes. The hosts are two well known comics playing the parts of fictional famous TV Stars of the 70s.

To survive in this show, the contestants have to live in a house decorated and furnished in classic '70s style. They have to surrender their clothes and possessions, like mobile phones and tablets, dress in '70s clothes, eat a '70s diet, and entertain themselves with '70s TV and video games.

The '70s House is a hilarious look at what happens when people get a surprising taste of what it was like forty years ago. Without the things they've come to rely on, including modern slang and technology, these houseguests are in for an eye-opening experience. Creating brilliant reality drama, The '70s house is at heart a competition, and only the best will win the cash prize!

Local Versions: The 90s House also available