Broadcaster: Fox Telecolombia

Duration: 121x60'

Transmitted: 2010

Richi Torres, the best salsa dancer of Cali, lost the great opportunity of his life: to participate in the World Salsa Dance Championship in the United States. Gustavo Ortiz, a corrupt politician of Cali, shot the doors for him and his mother's dance academy, “Arrebato Latino”. Richi does not agree to change his “caleño” dance style, and his humble essence. But the side effects of this decision take action immediately, the academy loses all the presentations they have and they close the doors of rumba and dance. “Arrebato Latino” is dying. However, a second chance comes to life for this fighter: Margarita Wilkins. This executive, beautiful, arrogant and spiteful woman, owner of a real estate company. She´s engaged to Rafael until finding he has been cheating. Without knowing, Richi and Margarita will discover they are the best solution to their biggest problems.