Candy Love

Broadcaster: Telefe

Duration: 60

Candy Love is the story of three sisters who own a famous candy factory going through financial trouble. Victoria, cold and bitter is the head of the company and her fiancée of the man who is tirelessly working for to try and bring the empire down. However the twists of fate make Marcos, a former race car driver, become the chauffeur of this joyless woman. The arrival of this man will change the destiny of the Bandi sisters.

A telenovela that tells the story of four couples, four generations and four kinds of love that are completely different. All will have to go through many test before coming to fruition. It is two worlds crashing: the 'popular' and the 'rich'.

they will all bond because of the unbridled passion that they feel, but also a fair cause: they wan to prevent the neighbors from leaving, the factory from closing and to stop the project to build the towers that will change their place in the world.

Two men Marco and Julian, will also fight for the dream to return to the racing world and win, with 'Bandi Candy' as their sponsor and the three sisters cheering from the stands, daring to be 'imperfectly happy'.

Local Versions: Mexico, Malaysia / Singapore, Colombia, Chile