Broadcaster: Channel 5 / VIS

Duration: 2 Seasons, 10 x 60

Transmitted: 2018

Eight couples at a cross roads in their relationship head to a tropical paradise to work on their issues. Throughout the retreat, they will undergo tasks, therapy, and even learn from each other’s partners by spending time with them. Couples will seek to build their bond and take their relationship to the next level, even if that means ending things for good.
Each night they will reveal in the Circle of Truth if they are leaning more towards “Make” or “Break” in order for them to communicate how their feelings change as the retreat progresses. Here if they both choose break, and they do not feel they can reconcile, they will be sent home early.
At the end, in the romantic Commitment Ceremony, the remaining couples will write speeches for their partners, expressing how they want to move forward, together or apart.

Local Versions: Sweden (2 seasons)