Broadcaster: MTV

Duration: 8 seasons, 10 x 60

Transmitted: 2014

Attempting to answer the question, "If your perfect match was standing right in front of you, would you even know it?" Are You The One? is the most ambitious social experiment ever attempted by MTV. This competitive reality format begins by selecting 10 single women from across the country and using an extensive, professional matchmaking process, 10 men will be found and perfectly matched to these women. These 20 people will share a house together for 6 weeks; the catch is they aren't told who their perfect match is. Over the course of the series, they must all correctly identify their perfect match in order to share a cash prize. Only if all 10 couples are correctly matched by the last episode will the contestants win the prize money.

Local Versions: Brazil, Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, UK, Italy, Benelux