Broadcaster: MTV

Duration: 2 seasons, 10 x 60'

Transmitted: 2020

In each episode of this brand new dating show, a celebrity heads out on a blind date –set up for them by the production team. The team have picked someone the celeb might really click with. It’s all coming up roses for them. But what the celeb doesn’t know is: throughout their evening, their date will be crashed by an increasing number of their exes. At each new location the date progresses to, a new ex shows up. Expect confrontations, revelations and altercations as not only the new date meets the exes, but they all meet each other. By the end of the evening, the celeb is surrounded by dates, past and present. Conclusions are drawn: has the celeb’s date completely gone off them after finding out they cheated on a partner? Or has the celeb rekindled a passion for their ex after seeing her belt out a ballad at karaoke? Could you survive one night haunted by the Ghosts of Relationships Past?