Broadcaster: Comedy Central UK

Duration: 3 seasons, 10 x 60

Transmitted: 2020

Guessable is a play-along panel show. A fun-filled celeb party packed with curiosity provoking take-out, knowledge and huge laughs. Every round is a twist on a classic family game. Instantly graspable, viewers can play along without hearing the rules and each provides plenty of chances for humour and QI-style facts. The over-arching show is linked by a simple but ingenious twist: every answer in the games provides clues to the identity of a famous figure or object hidden inside our marvellous Mystery Box. Win a game and the victorious team of three comics and funny celebs can add an answer to their ‘Guess List’. Whichever of our two teams has the identity of the person or object in the Mystery Box on their ‘Guess List’ at the end of the show wins!