Broadcaster: MTV

Duration: 10 seasons 94 episodes

Transmitted: 2005

This documentary format follows teens as they prepare for their coming-of-age celebrations. The series explores the planning, primping, and prepping that go into this cultural phenomenon, be it a sweet sixteen, a quinceaƱera, or a "coming out." Viewers are in for a wild ride as the series goes behind the scenes for all the drama, surprises, and over-the-top fun that make up this new breed of parties.

We'll meet the teens who have been dreaming of this day their whole lives, the parents who grant their kids' every wish, and find out first-hand just what it means to turn sixteen these days. The series gives audiences a look into some of the ways kids are celebrating milestones in their lives -- and whether their real-life experiences can live up to their fantasies. These kids are determined to go all out -- and to out-do all of their friends -- with these ultimate birthday blowouts.