Broadcaster: BET

Duration: 243 x 60'

Transmitted: 2013

Being Mary Jane is an intense drama series following the Paul family. They are a strong unit but lack motivation and drive in life, all except for Mary Jane. She is a beautiful and successful TV News anchor. On the outside she has it all together and even gets recognised locally, however behind closed doors she spends her life holding her family together.

Being Mary Jane is a picture into the struggles of modern life; single parent families, drugs, depression, terminal illness, but ultimately the importance of coming together to face it all. This isn’t a typical story where one member has risen from the ashes of chaos, but of a well-off family who suffer tragedy after tragedy - proving money does not equal success.

Across 60 episodes we follow Mary Jane’s story as she figures out the puzzle pieces that she, and society, insist are missing from her life. Powerful drama and unforgettable moments unfold as Mary Jane juggles her life, her relationships, her work and commitments to her family.