Broadcaster: MTV

Duration: 70 x 60'

Transmitted: 2011

An original telenovela series, Popland focuses on Carla, a small town girl who has had enough of small town life, runs away from everything and heads for the big city to chase her dream of being a photographer. After ditching her boyfriend, friends, family, and her phone, she hitches a ride with a mysterious lady known as “K” and her eyes are opened to the world of gossip and sleuth journalism. “K” turns out to be the owner of Popland, the country’s number one gossip magazine and television programme of all time. She gives Carla a top level assignment involving a hotel and a hot popstar – after succeeding, Carla is given a job as a paparazzo, something she never expected.

Popland is a story of Carla's journey, from a humble small town life, to the star-studded big city world of celebrities, parties, and the love affair that rocks her world forever. Through it all, Carla struggles to stay on top and live a dream life as Popland's most successful photographer.