Broadcaster: VH1

Duration: 3 season - 10 x 60

Transmitted: 2009

In this outrageously entertaining, competitive-reality format, nine of the country's worst boyfriends (lying, cheating ego-maniacs) think they're competing for the title of "Mr. Awesome" - the search for the country's biggest Alpha Male. In fact, they've been secretly enrolled by their fed-up girlfriends in "The Tool Academy" - an institution dedicated to reforming obnoxious men and turning them into loving, caring boyfriends. Over 30 days, these good-for-nothing ‘tools’ must learn lessons in behavior – honesty, fidelity, maturity, communication – in order to stand a chance of winning a huge cash prize; the title “Mr. Awesome” in the best-boyfriend sense; and most importantly, their girlfriend’s respect!

Local Versions: UK, Russia