Broadcaster: Amazon Prime (Spain)

Duration: 10 x 60'

Transmitted: 2022

Four strangers’ lives intersect when they all decide to join the same support group for widowed parents a young mother who has lost the love of her life, a rock musician who is a stranger to his children, a conservative family man who thinks he has everything under control, and a pregnant young woman who made a promise to her dying boyfriend. Under the guidance of a no nonsense psychologist, together they will try to overcome their grief while striving to become better parents
This drama with a feel good vibe explores family and hope, from different angles. As the four main characters work on their issues, they will begin to learn how to overcome loss. And how, when you think you will never have another chance at happiness, something changes. One day you wake up and the sadness has begun to fade away When? When you least expect it.

Local Versions: Greece